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Ivan: Hand in hand with tattooing comes also the aftercare. I have plenty of experience with all kinds of aftercare from antibacterial/ antiseptical to soothing and calming. After so many years of testing and trying i have come up with my own set of aftercare products, which i highly recommend to use as your aftercare routine. 

One of the reasons why i have decided to develope OverdoseArt Aftercare is that my customers can obtain all they require for their new tattoo right here in the studio and the knowledge that only quality and the most effective components are contained in the aftercare they use. 


OverdoseArt Aftercare consists of two products: Liquid lotion and Liquod soap. 

The main components are panthenol and vitamin E combined with other components that skin needs for its proper healing and restoration process. 

These products guarantee fast and effective healing, appropriate nourishment of all layers of skin and comfortable application. Lotion doesn't leave the sticky, oily feeling to the skin, it doesn’t stain the clothes and doesn’t stick to fabric. 


Every single interference with the tattoo should be conducted with thoroughly washed hands. We recommend OverdoseArt Aftercare Soap ( OA Soap). 

Remove protective foil after 4-6 hours. Wash your tattoo with OA Soap and gently dry with clean towel. In exceptional situations you can leave the foil little bit longer, but no longer than 12 hours. First night before the sleep it is imperative to wast your tattoo and let it freely dry for at least 30 minutes. Consequently apply thin layer of OA Lotion and cover the tattoo with new, clean foil. When taking care of big and colourful tattoos, we recommend to apply foil regularly on a washed and daubed tattoo. Make sure to reapply fresh foil every 4 - 5 hours for the duration of 4-5 days. This will guarantee faster healing but also preservation of rich and bold colours. 

DIRECTIONS: For the period of one week it is necessary to rinse and wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap, dry it and apply OA Lotion at least 2-3 times per day. Crusts may appear on the surface of the tattoo: DO NOT PEEL OFF! DO NOT SCRATCH! 

In the second and third week apply lotion only in the morning and evening until complete regeneration of the skin is achieved. It is very important that for all the duration of the healing process you avoid bathing, sauna, salt water and straining sports activities. In 24 hours since completion of your tattoo do not consume any alcoholic drinks. When taking shower, just keep it short, tattoo should be drenched as little as possible. Avoid sun tanning ( in solarium too ) at least for 30 days. 

Please, keep in mind that with the influence of certain factors as time or UV radiation, your tattoo can change. Therefore take a proper care of your tattoo, use lotions with vitamin E regularly. REMEMBER! Tanning damages your tattoo considerably. Protect the tattoo against the sun with lotion which contains high UV protection. 

In case you are experiencing any problems with your tattoo or you would like to have some more information do not hesitate and contact us! 


*OverdoseArt Aftercare (complete care) 

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